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Your Payroll Provider Have You Frustrated?

Say No To:

  • No to double, secret additional, administrative payrollPayroll Services charges! 
  • No to payroll teaser prices with high escalating fees after the trial period is over!
  • No to outrageous fees for reprocessing of checks!
  • No to wildly high year end W2 processing!

and Yes to:

  • Simplifed, easy to uderstand, all inclusive payroll fixed pricing
  • Inclusion of our VIP, HR web resources for all our payroll clients 
  • Yes to our premium payroll services that includes HR On-Demand services
  • Yes to labor cost saving for your payroll with our automated timekeeping system

Aren't you tired of payroll companies, starting you off with teaser prices only to see your payroll costs escalate after a couple of months?  You receive a bill for your payroll fees, only to find 1/2 dozen mystery line items, buried in the invoice.  The reason they bury them is because they hope you wont notice them.

How about your year-end W2 processing, how much will they ding you for those...a few hundred dollars, several thousand dollars?

Jim, a former client, told us about soliciting help for a workers comp audit from his now former payroll service provider.  After 4 months of chasing them with numerous phone calls, countless hours on-hold and no-one taking accountability. totally frustrated, he contacted us for assistance.  Although a former client, we provided the support and help he needed and within a day we solved his problem (incidentally he was not charged a cent).

Our time saving, peace of mind services represented a value to his business that he could not quantify. however, he quickly recognized what he was missing when he left.  

How about your payroll invoice, does it look like this? 

Payroll Invoice


As a Charlotte payroll service provider, operated by professional accountants, we believe that our payroll clients deserve more that just computer generated checks and reports with no guidance or personal service. We have an in-depth understanding of the payroll needs and issues for business owners. We provide our clients with guidance on all payroll matters.


Whether your payroll requirements are in our neighborhood, the Charlotte region, North Carolina or out of state we strive to provide you with payroll services that will meet or exceed your expectations.

We ask that you simply compare what we offer verses the "Big Guys" to determine, for yourself, the best value for your company.

In our engagement agreements, our clients are provided with a list of detailed services at the agreed upon fee.

What's Included in Our Price Verses the "Big Guys"
  US Paychex ADP
Check processing Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Tax Reporting Yes Yes Yes
New Hire Reporting Yes No No
Year-end W2 Processing Yes No No
Worker's Comp Audits Yes No No
Additional Check Processing Yes No No
Standard Postage Yes No No
Short or Unexpected Payroll Runs Yes No No
No Client ID Number Required Yes No No
Wage Garnishment Checks & Processing Yes No No
Reporting & Check Distributions to 401(k) Administrators, Health Care Plans, etc. Yes No No
Access to HR Resource Center Yes No No

Are you starting a company or do have a company and don't understand all the payroll taxes and payroll requirements? It is critical that business owners understand their payroll tax obligations. Failure to do so, can result in non-compliance to US, state and local payroll tax laws resulting in penalties, fines, and in some cases criminal charges.

Download a free copy of our Payroll Tax Guide. It describes the different payroll taxes for employers and employees and how they are calculated.

Please note:
This guide is only a representation of how taxes are calculated and what you and your employees may be responsible for. It is not intended, nor can it be used, for determining your tax requirements or your tax obligations. Refer to the federal, state and local agencies for specific guidelines, requirements and obligations for payroll tax compliance. This includes, but is not limited to, tax deposit requirements, filing dates and any other specific payroll related matter. This synopsis and the content in this synopsis, cannot be used as a basis for any legal argument for noncompliance of payroll requirements.

A word from the IRS per Internal Revenue Bulletin: 2012 -34

"Please be aware that you (the owner or officers of the company) are responsible for the timely filing of employment tax returns and the timely payment of employment taxes for your employees, even if you have authorized a third party to file the returns and make the payments.  Therefore, the Internal Revenue Service recommends that you enroll in the U.S. Treasury Department's Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) to monitor your account and ensure that timely tax payments are being made for you.  You may enroll in the EFTPS on-line at, or call (800)555-4477 for an enrollment form.

State authorities generally offer similar means to verify tax payments.  Contact the appropriate state offices directly for details." 

Additional Payroll & HR Services

  • Human Resources
    HR Content & Consulting for Your Business Success

    We are excited to offer our clients an HR support service designed for small to medium size businesses. In a world of constantly-changing employment laws, regulations and practices, Human Resources is a critical tool to protect and grow your business.

    Learn more about how our Human Resource Support center can help you manage your business

  • Time & Attendance
    A timekeeping solution, specific to the needs, of small and mid-size businesses. The Swipeclock system was designed for everyday people in mind; it saves both time and money, because it improves accuracy and eliminates the need to calculate time cards or collect data. For more information, click on the time and attendance text below.

    Learn more about Time and Attendance timekeeping solutions.

  • Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation
    Our payroll clients have access to XactPay from The Hartford or Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation plans through Cennairus Insurance. A Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation policy can improve your cash flow by eliminating large initial payments or large end of the year adjustments.

    Learn more about XactPay and the pay as you go workers compensation insurance plan.

  • The Online 401(K)
    We are proud to partner with The Online 401(k) and be able to offer this service to our clients. The Online 401(k) is a web-based retirement plan, built to address the 401(k) needs of small businesses. The Online 401(k) serves more than 2,500 businesses across 50 states. The company's philosophy is simple, provide affordable, flexible, easy to use 401(k) plans for businesses with less than 50 employees. Click below to learn more about the Online 401K.

    Charlotte payroll provider

  • Background Screening for Employees
    Background screening is critical to any hiring process. The cost of hiring the wrong employee is astronomical. Some of the costs for hiring the wrong employee include: lost investment from the hiring and training process, lost business and goodwill due to mistakes and poor customer service, lost profit due to theft or litigation after an employee has been let go.

    We are excited to offer professional background screening.

Our clients will often combine our payroll service with our accounting, bookkeeping and income tax preparation services for a comprehensive business package that meets all of their financial administrative business needs.

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